Great Dog Adventure

My pet supply company is having a contest for which I needed a photo of myself and Izzy plus a 200 word essay telling why I wanted to win an adventure trip to anywhere in the USA with my dog. I wrote that I would take her on a painting backpacking trip to Michigan's UP.

   We took a photo of the two of us critiquing my painting of she and Danny and another landscape. 

Fun!  You hope I win. 



Heading Out

Artist: Carolyn Heffelfinger
Medium: Oil on canvas
Size: 8"x10"


 For the past 7 years I take a week long backpacking trip with friends and Heather.
I decided to paint the trail at Laurel Highlands from the perspective of Cheryl and I hiking ahead. I'm guessing we were photographed by the stragglers!
  My trail name is Small Curly and if you were standing next to me you would know why that is so.
I get so much inspiration from being in the woods for this extended period.