Rail Trip Through the Copper Canyon in Mexico

The Pacifico Railroad.

Train stop

   We recently returned from a railroad trip through the Copper Canyon in Mexico.  We traveled for seven days on the train and spent the nights in historic hotels in villages along the way.  I painted in my watercolor travel journal in two locations.  Its always a pleasure to take out these journals and remember the many enriching destinations we have been fortunate to see around the world.  I started these journals about ten years ago and its nice if i can't spare the space in my luggage for an easel and oil paints to take a special bit of time to fully observe our local surroundings.
   I sat on a bench in a square in a small village in China and began painting only to be surrounded by young adult art students watching me as i painted. Wow.
    My journals are now on display at the Cultural Arts Center in Delaware, Ohio. 

A view from the road above Ceracahua.


Me on the "Rocking Rock" above.

The hotel room veranda

The hotel room veranda