Hay Bales

Hay Bales

Artist: Carolyn Heffelfinger
Medium: Oil on canvas
Size: 5"x7"
Price: $


   Hay Bales are so much a part of the landscape in the fields around our home. They add such architectural interest in the design of a painting.  
   Earlier on this hike it had rained and the going was quite muddy splashing our calves as we trekked but as we entered an open area the clouds were breaking up and we hoped that sun was in the forecast.

Lost Dog

Artist: Carolyn Heffelfinger
Medium: Oil on board
Size:  8"x 10"

  We spent February 2015 in Folly Beach, SC.  This year we took our golden along with us. One of the many public places that welcome pets is the Lost Dog cafe.  While Dan, Izzy, and his buddy Larry had their lunch on the large porch i stood on the street and painted this favorite local meeting place.