Bridge in January

    Our home sits up on a cliff above the creek and for 10 years if we wanted to drop down to play, our transport was a heavy yellow rope tied to the big Maple tree.  Otherwise we could take a path that slowly descended to the bottom. The rope has been loved by the kids and not so much by me.  Last summer we had a bridge built the spanned a ravine and wooden steps taking us down to Big Walnut Creek. This has been a gift that has brought such joy to the whole family giving access to all who wished to be up close and personal with the fishys.

Dog and his Boy

Artist:  Carolyn Heffelfinger
Medium: Oil on canvas
Size:  24"x 36"

Izzy our golden retriever is always so excited to go down to play in our creek. It was the perfect summer day for my grandson Harrison and her to do some stone skipping while cooling off.
I think i captured the distance and mood of the day.