Dog and his Boy

Artist:  Carolyn Heffelfinger
Medium: Oil on canvas
Size:  24"x 36"

Izzy our golden retriever is always so excited to go down to play in our creek. It was the perfect summer day for my grandson Harrison and her to do some stone skipping while cooling off.
I think i captured the distance and mood of the day.

Tunnel of Trees

Artist: Carolyn Heffelfinger
Medium: Oil
Size: 6"x6"

     Beyond our creek is a woods and in the woods our neighbor farmer has cut a path where i sometimes walk with Izzy.  The painting reminds me of a road in western Michigan which is called Tunnel of Trees. I've ridden my bike on it a few times and the trees almost meet above the road. 
The light at the end where the field starts is what interested me in this scene.